The Giraffe Center

Have you ever thought about having breakfast with a giraffe?  How about maybe feeding one of them with your mouth?  If so, then we’ve got just the place for you.

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The Giraffe Center is a great place to get to know the giraffes and learn more about them. It is also fun to see their different personalities as they come up to you for food.

Founded by Betty Leslie-Melville and her husband, Jock Leslie-Melville, it has attracted several celebrities, including Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, Candice Bergen, Brooke Shields, Richard Chamberlain, the late Johnny Carson and the late Marlon Brando. It has also been featured in the television show, ‘Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous‘.

You too can see what the attraction was, by visiting the official website to book your experience.  The money they make is used to help breed Rothschild giraffes and to educate people on conservation.