Matatus provide movable art

Matatus are minibuses that are a common form of transport in Kenya and customers tend to pick their favorites based on their names, art, and most current hits.

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Matatu drivers and their conductors (touts) are usually colorful characters, each with their own patter, style and brand of behavior.  If you do get to ride in one, it promises to be extremely interesting.Be prepared to sit really close to the person next to you (personal space is so overrated), and talk to some random strangers.  It’s part of the authentic experience, and definitely memorable.

Matatus are adorned with everything from cartoon characters to most of today’s popular celebrities.  Some of the artists include Nozy Customs, Martin Ojiambo, Cosmic Customs Crew, Lithium Art, and Dize.

Matatuworld is dedicated to all things Matatu and Matatu Kulture is a twitter page that highlights matatu culture.