Mike’s Camp, Kiwayu Island

Mike’s Camp is an eco-camp that has water brought in by donkey, utilizes wind and solar for energy, and allows the land to stay as natural as possible.  One side of the island faces the ocean, and the other, a creek.

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There are seven private and spacious bandas set amongst the sand dunes, with plenty of opportunities to see the sea turtles, dolphins and other marine life or do some bird watching.

If you want to get into more vigorous activities, you can indulge in beach activities including sand yachts, kite boarding, body board surfing and beach kites; view birds from a kayak or dhow; go water skiing, laser sailing, donutting, banana boating and wake-boarding in the creek; go scuba diving, fishing or snorkeling; or just sit on the beach letting the waves lap up against your toes. There are also air safaris that give you a great aerial view of the wildlife below.

When you are done, wind down with some yoga.  To learn more about the camp, visit the official website.