Mahali Mzuri – an understatement

Mahali Mzuri (‘a beautiful place’ in Swahili) is owned by Richard Branson (as in the man behind Virgin Air, Virgin Phone, e.t.c.) and certainly lives up to it’s name.

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This 12-tented luxury safari camp in Maasai Mara, gives you a front seat to the great Wildebeest migration and a breathtaking view.  You can take a game tour by( carbor balloon) , or just view the wildlife from the bathtub.  The spa provides unique African remedies to soothe your cares away.

The dining experience gives you another opportunity to dine as the animals go about foraging for food.  The altruist in you would be glad to know that the money is used to help protect the Maasai Maara ecosystem and the community that live within it.

To reserve your experience visit their official website.  You can also follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.