Nairobi Archery Club


The Nairobi Archery club is a club that was founded by a group of friends who were archery enthusiasts, in 2015.

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The club has grown to  over 40 members and the list is continuing to grow from weekend to weekend.  The range is located in Karen, and comprises of 3D animal targets and field targets.  With the range sighted to both yards and meters, they are able to create a complete experience to satisfy every type of archer.  They Nairobi Archery club is open every weekend from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.

There are training sessions for beginners that include everything including the equipment.  Each month members battle it out on the field targets to see who will be on top of the club standings and take home the winners trophy.  To join the ‘battle’ and test your skills, visit the official website, or become a fan on Facebook or Instagram.