Le Palanka

When you want to eat food that is different from the regular Kenyan fare, but still African?  You go to Le Palanka.

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Le Palanka is a high-end restaurant that serves traditional West African food and some food from other regions of Africa. This Pan-African gastronomic journey should have you exploring foods like katogo (Uganda), rabbit and aubergine with achieke (Cote d’Ivoire), yassa chicken (Ghana) or mafe-either beef or fish (Mali), to name a few.

The bar menu lists quite an extensive list of beverages including several whiskeys, beers, brandys, cognacs, vodkas, gins, rums, and cocktails. There are also some traditional African cocktails like bisengo and sawa sawa. Teetotalers can indulge in some mocktails like the taranga (bissap, cassis and mint leaves) or nomad (baobab, grape fruit juice and grenadine).

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